The Life of Walter Elias Disney

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Walter Elias Disney

Early life and background

Walter Elias Disney, known as Walt Disney was born of the 5th of december 1901 in Chicago. His father Elias Disney, was an irish-Canadian and his mother flora call Disney, who is of English and German decent.

In 1909 Walt and his younger sister Ruth attended the new park school of Marceline.
The Disney's lived in Marceline for four years before moving to Kansas in 1911. While in Kansas Walt and Ruth attended the Benton Grammar school. During his time at school Walt met Walter pfeiffer. Walter Pfeiffer came from a family of theatre lovers who introduced Walt to motion pictures which he came to love. Walt, while attanding courses at the Kansas art institute, spent more time at the Pfeiffers house than his own.

In 1917 the Disney family moved back Chicago where Walt attended the McKinley high school and aswell as taking courses at the Chicago academy for fine arts. During his time at school he drew ww1 related cartoons in the school newspaper before dropping out of school to join the army. Disney was rejected from the army for being underage (he was 16)so instead he joined the Red Cross where he drove an ambulance in france for a year in 1918.

In 1919 Walt moved back to chicago to begin his artistic career. When nobody would hire him as an artist or ambulance driver one of his brothers, Roy, got him a job at a local bank where disney designed advertisements. While doing this job he met ubbe lwerks who when there time at the studio expired , they started up their own business together.
After the business suffered a rough start and eventually failed.

Advances in film

During the early 1900s film became a rapidly expanding and very popular industry. Large companies dedicated to f...

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Advances in film
Genre of Disney's animations
Oswald the lucky rabbit Mickey mouse Themes in Disney's work
Discussion in class
How Disney was received

Events during Disney's life To what extent did these events influence Disney's productions's_World_War_II_propaganda_production How is it regarded today

Controversy over Walt Disney - was he a nazi ?

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