The Life and Times of a Friend

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What is the nature of a true friend? How do you determine what kind of friendship you have? According to Judith Viorst’s “Friends, Good Friends—and Such Good Friends,” there are at least three categories of friendships based on levels of intimacy.
The friendship that requires the least amount of interaction is the Cross-generational friends. These friends are usually 10 or more years older than you, maybe a friend of your parents or an old teacher from your days in school; they slowly but surely worm their way into your heart. Cross-generational friends offer support and wisdom; they are there for you when you need advice and they listen carefully to what you have to say. Eventually, most cross-generational friends become like a 2nd parent or mentor to you. For example, my mother has a friend named Deirdre. I call her Ms. Dee, She picks on me a lot but I always know she’s got my best interest at heart. At times when I feel like I can’t ask my mother for advice because I’m afraid she’ll take it the wrong way and overreact, I trust Ms. Dee to listen and hopefully be able to help me out. In a way, she’s like a God-mother to me and sadly I speak to her more often than I speak to my own mother. Ms. Dee is always there for help and advice even when she’s supposed to be getting sleep so she can get up for work the next morning. She’s a great cross-generational friend.
A friendship that is a bit more intense are the men who are friends. This friendship between men and women often leads to a serious relationship. This type of friendship leads people to question whether or not men and women can be just friends without being sexually attracted to each other. Men who are friends sometimes show some of the greatest care for you. They are your ...

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...’t fallen apart since. One thing I love about Beverly is that when I make a mistake, she doesn’t seriously chew me out about it; she takes the time to at least understand the situation. She’s seen me through my ups and downs, my heartbreaks and sad days. She isn’t afraid to tell me the truth even when I don’t want to hear it. She is one of the extremely few who can pick on me and get away with it.
Friends are the people who you let by your side, who show the upmost care and support for you. Yes, I agree that there are indeed levels of friendship and clearly the truly best friends are the ones you trust not to stab at you while you back is turned. Many people over look and take friendships for granted, but you never know how one single person can affect you until you give it a try. Friends are important and essential to life, everyone needs at least one good friend.
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