The Character Of Friendship Laurence Thomas Analysis

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The article “The Character of Friendship” by Laurence Thomas talks about the difference between parental friendship, companion friendship and their peaks and valleys. Parental friendship is beautiful bond between the child and parent that is essential for the infant's survival and development. This attachment is strengthened by mutually satisfying interaction between the parents and the child throughout the first months of life. With time, most children have formed an attachment relationship, usually with the primary caretaker. Progressively, children begin to expect that their parent will care for them when they cry. Progressively, parents respond to and even anticipate their children’s needs. This creates the base for a developing relationship.…show more content…
Frequently, they have same interests and trust each other to a great extent. A true friend will help his friend when it becomes necessary at any cost. The article also mentions how children go through different stages as they grow up and how parents should keep their eyes and ears open and figure out what their young children are up to. Parents are the main decision makers that shape their children’s experiences as they grow. They make sure their children are walking on the right path in life, unlike companion friends where quite frequently they are at an age where they do not have much experience in life. Companion and parental friendships play a big role in a child’s life, as they are the ones who have a huge impact in one another’s life. People in general end up sharing more with close friends than with their parents because of similar mindsets, similar levels of intelligence and mostly freedom to say whatever you want. Parental friendship is healthier than companion friendship because the parent will surely be a good influence on the child’s…show more content…
Parental friendships will surely help build a solid base for future relationships. At some point during a child’s development, the parenting role must turn into friendship. Many people feel that there should be a thick line between parents and children but I strictly disagree. Being friends with your children can come in handy because it is also a type of supervision, which helps parents see if they are walking in the right direction. As soon as they ensure their children are safe, they will be able to manage these aspects of their lives by themselves. When parents yell and scream at their children for years, then the child will grow up not having much respect for them and their views. When a certain message is delivered poorly, then the child won’t acknowledge it. In order to have a successful friendship, the parent must be respectful, open minded and balanced. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that they should form a strong relationship between them and their children. The ultimate goal is to make the child feel respected even though the parent does not agree with their point of

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