The Life and Inventions of Johannes Gutenberg

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Johannes Gutenberg was born somewhere in 1395. He was famous and well known after his movable printer invention. Gutenberg was a goldsmith, printer and also a publisher; he introduced printing to German people.

Early Life:
Gutenberg was born in a German city called Mainz. His father was Friele zum Gensfleisch and his mother being Elsgen Wyrich was a second wife to his father. He was the youngest child to his parents and his father was believed to be a gold smith, but then he continued with cloth trade. Gutenberg was very likely taught to read, but the books from which he learned were hand written books and they were not printed. Those books were called as Manuscripts. While he was growing a new method of printing was introduced which was termed as “Block Printing”, far a better way of copying books by hand. This method of printing includes cutting down a block of wood that is of a page size which is going to be printed. Every word written on the page was cut down on the wood, which in short means carving the words on the wood. Now the wood has to be removed from the sides of every letter leaving it in projections or otherwise raised from the block surface. This block of wood is now inked; a paper is place upon that block and pressed which gives a print of words that were carved on the piece of wood. With this method of printing a printer can make many copies of books much faster than writing the by hand. However, it has also got disadvantages because making of such blocks takes long time and only a single page can be printed from a block.

Innovative work:
Guttenberg always said that it was such a pity printing in that way because not everyone can afford such books. He enjoyed reading manuscripts n block printed books from his fr...

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...a two side printed page from Guttenberg’s bible should cost about $100,000 in today’s world because Guttenberg’s piece of work is the finest, rare and the most valued printed material in the world.

Towards the end:
After his great contribution to the world he died in Mainz, Germany 1468[1]. It was considered as one of the most important invention of the history, unfortunately the inventor was never benefited neither received any honor for his idealistic piece of work when alive but died in poverty. He was buried in a Franciscan church, the church was demolished. Though Guttenberg sadly went away with no honors, the history recognizes him for holding this honor [1].

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