Plagarism And Copyright Essay

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Plagarism and Copyright are sources of great controversy in society. With modern copyright laws disputes can be unfairly settled. Modern copyright law in the United States has been modified many times since its inclusion in the Constitution in 1776. The most recent change was in 1998 in which the copyrighted work would be protected for the length of the authors life and seventy years after wards1. For example, If a 25 year old person publishes a book in 2005. That book is protected under copyright for the rest of that persons life (an estimated 65 more years) plus 70 years afterward. This extension of protection is good for people whose works have taken a while to make money. So even if this book takes ten years to actually turn a profit. The profit will still be the authors and no one can make a more popular version of their book. However is this a means to help struggling authors or a means for companies to make more money? How did copyright get so out of control? And what does it mean for creators now with the internet age? The controversy started with the invention of the printing press. When the printing press was invented in the mid 15th century by Johannes Gutenburg, it became possible to create copies of written and drawn works with less time and one of the earliest patents known in history came with it. This patent was a five year monopoly given to him in 1469 by the Venetian Republic2. Many countries made individual laws and practices about copyright and printing books. One practice came from the Stationers Company3, based in the City of London, who in the mid 16th century established a rule amongst themselves that they would not print any books that had already been printed. However this agreement did not pertain to ... ... middle of paper ... ... are completely necessary for society and they work to an extent. An author will feel better creating more works knowing that their works cannot be stolen. However in the internet age copyright needs to be altered not tightened. The internet is not a place that any government can successfully regulate without violating peoples rights and if companies are able to choose what they consider copyright infringment than it will only discourage people to create things in fear of a law suit or having their creation censored. The copyright laws of today have things under copyright protection for far too long and are benefitting the companies. Not the public. The way the government is handling copyright on the internet it even worse. The government needs to stop worrying about the companies and start focusing on what will create a safer, freer, and happier place for creators.

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