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While drafting the constitution in the 1780s, which was such a critical time for the new nation, many new inventions were created to benefit the people. The dangers that occurred by the economic crisis and the disappointment that came with the failure of the revolutionary’s expectations for a desperate need to improve were combined to make this decade a period of dissatisfaction and reconsideration to propose a new direction for the nation. The new plan for the nation was called the federal constitution. It had been drafted by a group of national leaders in Philadelphia in 1787 that had presented it to the general public for consideration. Experiences had shown that unity was necessary if the nation was to survive and the Constitutional Convention was held to see if this objective could be accomplished. The Constitution amounted to a whole new set of rules for organizing national government and indicates the intensity of political thought in the era as well as how much had changed since 1776. The proposed national framework called for a strong central government that would have authority over the states. At the same time, the proposed Constitution also centrally involved the people in deciding whether or not to accept the new plan through a process called ratification. The constitutional conventions in Philadelphia brought together all the great leaders of the United States to meet and draft an economic policy in the way that competing state policies often worked in disagreements. Although hard times were many in the need for a strong new nation for the people, many of the prominent leaders still pursued inventions that benefited themselves and the people. In 1784, Benjamin Franklin developed bifocal glasses. He w... ... middle of paper ... ... in London and it was read out aloud. Then they would prepare the letters to print in the journal. The typewriter had not been invented during this time, so the letters were handwritten. Gutenberg had already invented the printing press a few centuries before, so the Royal Society was able to use the nice print to put the letters in. During the nineteenth century and earlier, many people would invent things at the same time and because the communication was not instantaneous, news would travel slowly, and sometimes you would have several people inventing the same things, but their creativity of it. As in the drafting of a new nation, through many efforts and disappointments, it will take time, trial and error, the death of so many people for the new constitution to be developed, as well as any inventions to work great the first time to benefit “the people”.
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