Walt Disney Essay

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Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. His parents are Elias Disney, and Flora Call Disney. Walt has three brothers and one sister. When Walt turned 4 years old, the family moved to Marceline, Missouri where they lived on a farm. Their neighbor's in Missouri helped Walt find his love for drawing. The Disney family moved to Kansas City in 1911. Walt attended Benton Grammar school, where he fell in love with motion pictured movies. In 1917, Walt joined the Red Cross after, which he was sent to Europe where he was an ambulance driver (Stewart, 2009, pg.13). Walt became a more serious drawer while he was in France. Mickey mouse was born in 1928 it was the first animated cartoon with sound and gained a positive response from the audience. Walt Disney had become popular by this time with all the companies wanting the rights to Mickey Mouse. This is where Walt began his motion picture career. Besides Walt's famous career he had many ups and downs in his life. When he was little he suffered from dyslexia and his dad was struck with typhoid fever, after his company went ...

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