The Legacy Of Leonardo Pisano

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Leonardo Pisano, a man who not only made discoveries but changed the world for us today, also left a legacy of many works he had once developed during his time period. Many of us are born into this world havingan equal opportunity of becoming the next Albert Einstein, but do not make much of it. Leonardo Pisano (better known by Fibonacci) on the other hand, took the advantage to work with many people from all over the world who inspired him to become the iconic mathematician he represents today. One can say his father was the main influence in his early life.
Fibonacci was born in Pisa, Italy (1175 A.D.) with Guilielmo Pisano as a father and a member of the Bonacci family as a mother. Fibonacci was part White and part Italian. His hometown was rather popular because of the Pisa Tower (slanted tower) but later on because of him. As a child, Fibonacci traveled very often with his father all around the Mediterranean Sea. His father, Guilielmo was a businessman and soon had influenced Fibonacci into doing the same. Guilielmo held the position of secretary of the Republic of Pisa, in the Province of Tuscany. He also wanted for Fibonacci to become a merchant thus arranged for his instruction in calculation techniques. While both father and son traveled, Fibonacci began to learn mathematics in Bugia, Africa. As he began to grow, he became a wealthy merchant who had a particular interest in numbers.
In the book Practica Geometriae, geometry problems seemed to be his main focus. The book was arranged into 8 chapters with theorems based on Euclid's Elements and On Divisions. One can say that the authors of the books and him worked togetherbecause of the great influence he received from them. Once people found out about Fibonacci being a ge...

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...ibonacci. It was a decree made by the Republic of Pisa in which a salary is awarded to: The serious and learned Master Leonardo Bigollo. When Fibonacci passed away (1250 A.D.) he was buried in his hometown Pisa. The most successful people are the ones that stay true to themselves even though they have what it takes to accomplish more. When Fibonacci worked on numbers, he was doing what he truly loved not knowing that he would be remembered as a great mathematician. Through a romantic’s point of view, one can say that if Fibonacci did not work from the heart he would have not succeeded as much as he effectively did. Through a realist’s point of view, his works are appreciated because he was a brilliant merchant who travelled very often and learned from a variety of cultures. Nevertheless, he has changed the mathematical world, and for that we will thank him always.
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