The Laws Of Peoples By J. Rawls: The Law Of People

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J RAWLS, The Laws of Peoples-with the Idea of Public Reason Revisited, Harvard University Press: USA, 1999.

In his book “the Law of Peoples,” the principle idea of Rawls is of a particular “conception of Right and Justice that applies to the principles and norms of international law and practice.” Rawls puts the theory of how a “stable and politically just international legal order has to be constructed constructively among the democratic and decent societies which he calls the non-democratic societies.” He says the “People have their own internal government which can be constitutionally liberal democratic or non-liberal. The procedure followed before the principles of right and justice are selected and agreed upon is in some ways the …show more content…

According to Rawls, “Ideally and morally citizens recognize mutual domestic obligations towards one another, based on factors like those of war and depression, plus their recognition that no domestic resident could have a satisfactory life without the willing cooperation of the bulk of the others. Citizens come to rely on the reasonable idea that cooperation which is based on mutual concern and respect creates a form of political stability which morally justifies the state in at least a political …show more content…

“Those citizens who self-consciously come to recognize proper reciprocity towards others as citizens, particularly other citizens who are least-well-off, and who build towards a cooperative mutuality based on that recognition." There is an apparent distinction between traditional realist conceptions of nation-states and the Rawls’ nation-state. Rawls emphasizes states' "moral character, and the reasonably just nature of their regimes." His characterization becomes more forceful if we consider his two types of states, that is, the democracies and decent hierarchies. Rawls considers the just and democratic states in which a just democratic government must be effectively stable and also under its reasonable citizen's reflective control. Citizens are reasonable in that if they are concerned to live with others on fair terms. “They also understand that to be fair, the terms of cooperation must be ones that other free and equal persons can accept requires justice that leads citizens to the understanding of mutual obligations towards fellow-citizens.” It is an appropriate and morally necessary response to the requirements of justice. “Law of the peoples is developed for the purpose of addressing questions on Just war. Law of the People is accepted by many as it contain the principles of international law coexist with distinctively liberal concept of right and wrong

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