The KMT lose the war more than the CCP winning it

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The question asks if the CCP really won the war because of tactics and skill or if the KMT lost the war not because the CCP beat them but if they brought their loss upon themselves.

As the CCP and KMT were preparing to fight, the majority of people perceived that the KMT would win the war easily. After all, America was prepared to pour billions of dollars into funding the KMT in order for them to win the war. With America on their side the KMT had a powerful American-trained and American-equipped army of three million men. They held all the big cities, all the main railway lines, and some of the richest provinces. Money was abundant and they had large stocks of weapons. In comparison, the CCP were nothing. They held only countryside areas, no air force, no navy and an army of only one million men. They did not have the backing of a single foreign country. I think that the KMT could easily have won the war but instead lost it.

The KMT had always been very cowardly. Their cowardice was shown during the Japanese Invasion, when they moved west to Chongqing. This isolated themselves from main cities and could be seen as them isolating their people. The relocation showed that they were unwilling to fight against Japan for their country and therefore unprepared to fight any war. However, America made sure that the KMT were airlifted out of Chongqing and into key cities to stop the CCP from gaining more land.

The KMT were did not plan well in advance and could not handle the money that was meant to benefit them properly. The rapid inflation of the currency was causing great hardship for many civilians in the KMT-held cities. As money lost its value, many workers went on strike, hungry crowds stormed shops, riots broke out and public order collapsed. This was very bad for the KMT as people stopped supporting the KMT and went over to the communist party’s side.

Another example of the KMT not thinking ahead can be seen during the Japanese invasion. During this time, they never gained support from the peasants which made up most of China. Instead, they bullied them by imposing high taxes on them which made them even more unpopular with them. So instead of gaining supporters they lost what were potential supporters.
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