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  • Access to the Countryside

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    the Countryside At present, the countryside is accessible to everyone; there are certain projects, such as the KSCP (Kentish Stour Countryside Project) that promote easy access to rural areas for all visitors whatever their ability. They believe that access should be available by many forms of transport; the KSCP promotes walking, cycling, and public transport as a means of getting to rural areas. The Countryside Agency The countryside agency promotes access to the countryside; it brings

  • Why Move to the Countryside

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    Moving to the countryside, what is the purpose behind it? I have often wondered why everyone wants to move to the country side. Is their mind and body telling them they have to be lonely at some stage of their life? Imagine being on your own no one to talk to totally isolated. Is this called peace or depression? However I am a city girl I don’t want to leave my city life behind. I enjoy the hustle and bustle even the pollution in a weird but funny way. The country side I am entering is a different

  • The Horrible State of the Rivers in the Countryside

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    Dear Whoever, I am writing to you as I am disgusted at the state of the rivers in the countryside, I am sure you are unaware of these issues as no action has been taken to try to solve this problem Here are a few cases of the very many rivers which have suffered: Site - River Kennet Problem Low flows caused by Water Company licensed abstractions. Taking water could lead to the river drying up, killing wildlife such as Water Crowfoot and the Desmoulin Whorl Snail. Low water levels

  • Comparing City Life with Countryside Life

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    life differs when people live in different places. No doubt that people lifestyle will be influenced by the society and surrounding environment where they live in. City life and countryside life are obviously very different in several ways, such as population, environment, and utilities. First, city life and countryside life are different from population. In big cities there are many people who live there, because job opportunities are abundant and the opportunity of better education. In fact, people

  • Is Living in Cities Better than Living in the Countryside?

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    Malaysia moves steadily towards the future, people work harder to improve their life. They migrate from the countryside to cities in search of jobs and create a better future. According to the Oxford Dictionary, countryside means the areas of land used for farming (and not a town or suburb) while city means a large and important town. Max Weber, a well-known sociologist defines countryside as the inhabitants of rural areas while city refers as an ‘anonymity’ or extensive reciprocal personal acquaintance

  • Contribution of Countryside Tourism to the UK Travel and Tourism Industry

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    Contribution of Countryside Tourism to the UK Travel and Tourism Industry Across the UK there are 4 main categories of tourist and visitor attractions. These categories are: · Large City/Large Town, · Seaside, · Countryside/Village, · Small Town. The table above shows that; domestic trips to the countryside area, has now gone into second place out of the 4 categories of tourist and visitor attractions. Over recent years (since 2000) there has been a slight decrease from 24% (2000) to 22% (2003)

  • Arrival of Industry Brings Suffering to Countryside by Louisa Lim

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    In an article on NPR called “Arrival of Industry Brings Suffering to Countryside” written on May 19, 2006, Louisa Lim discusses in a conversation with a farmer from a rural village, “That factory makes a lot of money," he says. "Government departments gain a lot of tax revenue from it, so when it comes to our problems, they just push us aside. Nobody cares about us farmers”(Louisa Lim). In Globalization: The Making of World Society by Frank J. Lechner and Post American World, 2.0 by Fareed Zakaria

  • Examine Machado's Use of Landscape and Countryside in Campos De Castilla

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    references to the cemetery of Leonor's grave, and the beauty of new shoots set against the decay of the `olmo's' trunk, which evokes Machado's young wifr in her terminal condition. `A un olmo seco' is highlights the central theme of landscape and countryside, and through the physical description, Machado remembers his personal experience in Soria. The river Duero acts as a leitmotif for the cemetery where his wife was buried. In `Caminos' as Machado develops the theme of his displacement in Baeza,

  • Life In Rural And Urban Life Vs. Rural Life

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    The life in rural vs. the life in the city will always be debatable as some prefer a relaxed and comfortable life while some prefer a hectic and fast paced life. No matter where we go, there will always be people who will contradict and agree to one side, but having experienced to both the city and the rural life, I will always belong to the city because of the practicality, freedom, its way to future, and values. In contrast to the city life, I cannot bear the solitariness, life-threatening, and

  • A Comparison of Blue Remembered Hills by Denis Potter and Hope and Glory produced by John Boorman

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    they are set in; during the Second World War. Although the two pieces of drama are set in the same time period, they offer a great contrast in terms of their setting. Blue Remember Hills, set in 1943, is a naturalistic play situated in the countryside. Whereas Hope and Glory very much displays the effects of war in towns and cities, particularly the suburbs of London. In addition Blue Remember Hills follows the life of a gang of children who are played by adult actors where as Hope and