“The Internet; Twentieth Century’s Greatest Invention”

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“The Internet; Twentieth Century’s Greatest Invention”

“The Internet was probably the single most important influence on American culture in the final few years of the twentieth century” (Internet). The words of that quote are those that speak the truth. During the last few years of the twentieth century, the world was intrigued with the invention of the Internet. Without the Internet, the world that we know would really cease to function. The Internet is important to everyone in some way or another. The world without the Internet would be chaos and discord; that is why the Internet is simply the most creative invention of the twentieth century. The history that led up to the internet is important because we are able to know how the internet has become what it is today. What advances in the technological world led to the idea of the internet? Finally, how is the internet used today and why is it important to everyone? Since its inception in the 50’s, the internet has grown to be a phenomenon into the 21st century.

Hope, energy, and prosperity are some words that could best describe the era of the 60’s. America had finally begun to ease itself into becoming one of the many superpowers of the world. John F. Kennedy once said, “It is a time for a new generation of leadership to cope with new problems and new opportunities” (American Decades). While JFK was president, the unemployment rate was only between five and six percent during the first half of the decade, while the inflation rate was only two percent. As the decade was moving forward, the youth of the 60’s were a rebellious crowd, and most were protesting to avoid the war. The most common reason that teenagers in the 60’s rebelled was because they didn’t want ...

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