The Importance of Poverty Eradication for Better Quality of Life

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The importance of poverty eradication for better quality of life
Fighting poverty is an important target set by international organisation to face in new millennium challenges. This problem deserves global attention because of a number of exceptional considerations, related to people, their living circumstances and sufferings, regardless of their roots, religion and ethnicity. Extreme poverty destroys the lives and spirit of people. The people who live in poverty regularly suffered for lack of food, shelter, essential service and unhygienic environment. Poverty eradication is important for the country in order to help the citizens have a better quality of life. The issues should be concerned are the environmental problems, level of education of citizen, economic and health care.
Since the world populations continues to grow year by year therefore the demands on the world’s resources also have been raised. The demands of the natural resources by the increasing population cause the rising of the pressure of the environment. The relationships between human activity and the natural environment are complex because people consume water, food, energy and other natural resources from nature in order to live while the human activity will deplete natural resources and cause environmental stress. In the other hand, environment problems can prevent people reaching the standard of living. Therefore, all people should concern about the environment problems in order can have better quality of life. Many people living in poverty work on land like farming but they do not access to training on how to protect the environment, this increased pressure on land and results in the decline of crop yield. Therefore, the government should educate them...

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... and improve at home care for children to save the lives of infants with severe diarrhoea and promoting breastfeeding. Breastfeeding not only can reduce the risk of cancer by the mother but also protect the children baby from a long list of illness. In addition, UNICEF seeks to help stem the worst effects of malnutrition by funding and helping countries supply micronutrients like iron and vitamin A, which is essential for a healthy immune system through fortified food. UNICEF, governments, salt producers and private sector organizations are also working to eliminate iodine deficiency, the biggest primary cause of preventable mental retardation and brain damage, through the Universal Salt Iodization (USI) education campaign. The effort made by the UNICEF not only can enhance the quality of life but also show that the important of poverty eradication on health issues.

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