The Importance of Educating Children on Premarital Sex

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Many people expect for their children to wait until marriage before they engage in sexual activities. The reality is, today 75 percent of both American men and woman have had premarital sex by the age of 20 (Potter). As teens go through puberty, their hormones increase and make them more likely to want to engage in sex going to have sex regardless of what their parents tell them to do which is why I believe that age-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education programs are important to have in school. As I also believe that parents should talk to their children about safe sex as well. Previously being a kid myself, I know that many feel that sex is an uncomfortable subject to talk about with their parents, and the parents may feel the same way, which is why they don’t talk to their kids about it and tell them to wait until marriage. Why risk your child’s health by them potentially contracting a sexually transmitted disease or becoming pregnant solely because you think premarital sex is “unethical”? By the assistance of these programs children learn the importance of contraception, how to have sex through the teachings of a professional and it can help open up better relationships with their parents. Contraception plays an important role in having sex. Depending on their age, children need to be taught about birth control, including condoms and emergency contraceptives if needed, way before having sex. These versions of contraception can help reduce the risk of women becoming pregnant and help both partners from contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, which is not curable only treatable. Teen pregnancy is increasing and this because of the teaching of sexual abstinence in schools. Many teens that become pregnant... ... middle of paper ... ...hat Bell included in her article both groups, those who participated in abstinence only and those who didn’t, reported that the use condoms were the same does not justify anything. If I were still an adolescent 9th or 10th grader and an adult asked me if I use protection while having sex I would lie and say “Of course!” because of knowing its wrong and don’t want to be embarrassed. Therefore, I stand by my opinion that age appropriate sexuality programs should be taught in schools rather than waiting until marriage, an abstinence only approach, or none at all. Not only will teen pregnancy rates go down, but also children learn how to protect them selves from sexually transmitted diseases. If parents are trying to equip their children for a better tomorrow, then topic of sex needs to be dealt with in a smart, productive and educational setting by professionals.
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