The Importance Of Writing A Mission Statement

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How to Write a Mission Statement That Doesn 't Suck According to Dan Heath, when writing a Mission Statement, it is important to use concrete language. So many organization word smith their mission statement to the point that it does not get the attention of the employees to understand of its purpose (Heath, 2016). Most organizations are more concerned with being politically correct that their mission statement is transformed well beyond its original intent. For example, “Make the best cookies in Williamsburg”, can be blown into stating, “Make the best environmentally friendly cookies”. As you can see the whole emphasis and focal point went from the cookies to the focus being placed on the environment. Once you have pick your mission statement…show more content…
So the very question that needs to be answered is does the business create a profit (n.d., Think value chain, 2016)? The think value chain consists of four links, Develop, make, tell and sell. The develop link consist of what it cost to develop the product. Next, there is the make link, which is comprised with how much it cost to make the product. Then, there is tell link that advertises the product, this is where you hone in on a target audience. Lastly, there is the sell link where we determine how much we will sell the product after adding up the other three links, and then we decide what is a good price to sell our product for a reasonable profit. Usually these four links are broken down into boxes where everything that is involved in each links process is place in its box to ensure every step is covered in each links…show more content…
Process is based on operational excellence, where they use minimal cost and waste convenience. Then there are product leaders who distinguishes themselves with superior product. They tend to use technology and they have flexibility in style while at the same time they use speed throughout the organization. Lastly, there is the customer leader who is intimate with their customers. They provide the best service and they establish lifelong bond. These businesses have personal books on their customer, which labels their individual unique needs and they go out of to ensure their customer have memorable experiences. So, it not about the money, it is all about the service that is provided. For example the Ritz Carlton specializes in service value where they focus on strong relationships with their customers. You can combine two of the three alternative competitive advantages. To determine what your competitive advantage is, ask yourself why customers choose your company over others in the market. (Kryscynski, Alternative competitive advantage,

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