The Importance Of Weak Democracy In Pakistan

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3. Weak democracy: Democracy has had been bad times in Pakistan ever since independence. From political and administrative legacies point of view, Pakistan acquired high institutional imbalance portrayed with strong and organized civil and military bureaucracies, weak Political institutions and non-democratic political parties. The fundamental deficiency for the successive breakdown of majority rules system lies with our worthy politicians as they keep adamantly ignoring lessons from past, accountability process is gradually uncovering May political stalwarts, their family, their companions and favorites who have been plundering national wealth with both hands. Consequently, the people’s confidence in the entire class of government officials…show more content…
An exhaustive review of the nation's internal security circumstance was carried out the corps Commanders Conference in Rawalpindi, led by COAS RaheelShareef, where he recognized the full backing of the country in the continuous operations to eliminate terrorism and extremism from the nation.
Gen Raheel valued progress of these operations, including Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs), their accomplishments and impacts, while focusing on that the government should likewise be supportive in such manner. He additionally highlighted issues which could undermine the impacts of operations including the development of the National Action Plan's (NAP) implementation, finalization of Fata reforms, and conclusion of all ongoing Joint Investigation Teams (JIT) at priority. The army chief guided his subordinates to assist the return of Temporarily Displaced Persons (TDPs) including the restoration of all displacedfamilies. He further directed to conquer all obstructions confronted in influenced regions. Head of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif had stressed the requirement for "complementary government" for progress in the fight against

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