Dictatorship in Pakistan

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Although many people believe that democracy is the best and successful form of the government. However History tells us that many times Dictatorship has proven to be successful. For example in France( when lead by a dictator Napoleon) and in Germany (when lead by Hitler) . Dictatorship also has proven to be successful in Pakistan. Dictatorship is much more effective way of running a government as it establishes peace, and has less room for the corruption. It provides economic stability to a country. Moreover Dictatorship is much flexible than that of democracy. P Pakistan is better of being ruled by dictatorship than that of democracy. Although in democracy people have a right to choose their representatives but when you consider a country like Pakistan about 43% of the people are illiterate so they are not qualified enough to choose their representatives. They do not understand the economical and political issues. On the other hand dictators are not elected by the people. In democratic country like Pakistan there is a lot of political violence which leads to the disruption of the peace. On the other hand in dictatorship one person or a small group of people have absolute power resulting in no political violence. In Pakistan people want peace and this can be achieved through dictatorship. In many countries dictatorship is successful then democracy. I...

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