The Importance Of The Juvenile Justice System

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In most cases, the arrest of a juvenile will be handed over to the juvenile justice system. The juvenile justice system places an emphasis on rehabilitation, education, and treatment of the convicted offenders. Juveniles’ records are confidential and more easily esponged. This will hopefully allow these kids to turn their life around for the better. The adult justice system focuses on punishment, which does not emphasize sending convicts down the right path once, or if, they are released. Juveniles commit sixteen percent of violent crimes that lead to an arrest. Even though sixteen percent is a small number, these crimes still need to be punished using a proper system.
In Maryland, judges can waive the juvenile court jurisdiction for any crime that occurs if the juvenile is over fifteen. The judge can waive juvenile court jurisdiction for any capital crime as long the juvenile is seven or older. Certain types of crimes must be transferred to an adult court in all states. In Maryland, a capital crime must be transferred to an adult court if the juvenile is fourteen or older. Murder, serious
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Simmons Supreme Court case decided sentencing the death penalty to juveniles was unconstitutional. I believe juveniles should not be eligible for the death penalty, agreeing with the Supreme Court’s decision. Capital punishment is used as deterrence against murder. Most adults would not dare to commit such a crime out of fear of the death penalty. However, the death penalty does not work the same way, as an effective deterrent, in juvenile populations. (Hansen) The evidence supports the Supreme Court’s decision to declare the death penalty for juveniles to be unconstitutional. Why have a punishment if it will not be an effective deterrent against crime? Juveniles instead need to be rehabilitated and educated during their incarceration. Rehabilitation and education could bring about an early release or a more enjoyable life if serving life
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