The Importance Of The Criminal Justice System In Colombia

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One of the most important aspects of a country is its criminal justice system, as this system flows into almost every aspect of the country and more often than not is the defining feature of each country in the world. One country of study that I have found interest in is Colombia, which is a country that has been plagued by a 50 year old civil war conflict and increasing amounts of corruption and human rights violations. Throughout the paper it is noticeable that Colombia has shaped many of their institutions after the U.S. model such as their judicial system and even their criminal penal code, but it is in the small details that make the system flawed. In Colombia, violent conflict between the two dominant political parties, the liberal and conservative party, has steered the political agenda into defending the country from paramilitary and guerilla action and the defense from various drug groups who seek to gain influence over the government. Throughout Colombia’s criminal justice system we see various places where human rights abuses occur such as in the policing system, in corrections with the brutal treatment of prisoners, and even with basic fundamental rights such as the right to free speech and the right to association. This deprivation of liberty is important in establishing a historical profile for Colombia as these issues have only increased over the past 50 years. In this paper I will analyze the various institutions known as the police, the penal system, the court system, criminal procedure, juvenile justice, and even take a look at the political structure of Colombia. It is obvious after an examination of the current crime trends and the current political and human rights situation in Colombia that improvement is not... ... middle of paper ... ...RC and the government of Colombia have reached an agreement on two out of three important topics on the agenda for the peace talks, but there is still a third point about narcotics traffic that has yet to be resolved, although public figures seem to be optimistic. The FARC has asked the U.S. to get involved in these peace talks stating that “these decisions are coming from Washington anyways, so we would like to talk with the U.S. personally” although the U.S. government declines knowledge of these peace talks and refuses to participate. Public opinion about the FARC peace talks has not changed much though, because these peace talks have been established before, to no avail. Even during these peace talks, both the government and the FARC have stated that their activities will continue and the government is still using military means to prevent FARC actions as well.

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