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    Colombia Colombia, republic in South America, situated in the northwestern part of the continent, and bounded on the north by Panama and the Caribbean Sea, on the east by Venezuela and Brazil, on the south by Peru and Ecuador, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. Colombia is the only country of South America with coasts on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The total land area of the country is 1,141,748 sq km (440,831 sq mi). The capital and largest city is Bogotá. IILAND AND RESOURCES

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    Colombia Climate The climate, however, varies with the elevation. The low regions along the coast and the deep Patía and Magdalena river valleys are torrid, with mean annual temperatures of 75° to 80° F. From about 1500 to 7500 ft the climate is subtropical, and from about 7500 to 10,000 ft it is temperate. Above about 10,000 ft is the cold-climate zone, where temperatures range from 0° to 55° F. The average January and July temperatures in Bogotá are 58° F and 57° F, respectively. The averages

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    Colombia History Colombia was one of the three original countries along with Ecuador and Venezuela that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830. Over the last 40 years, there has been a campaign to overthrow the government partially because of the drug trades throughout Colombia. The movement does however lack support from military and support from the necessary influences. In recent years, there have been challenges for control of the territories throughout Colombia and also for

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    Columbia is a country wrought with poverty, corruption, and violence. It has gained notoriety for its drug trafficking and the scandalous dealings by the military. Five percent of Columbia (1.9 million people, 1.1 million of them children) have been displaced due to the fighting in a four decade old civil war. Columbia will need some serious rearranging politically, socially, and overall to get back on their feet. Columbia is located in the very northern part of South America, it borders the Caribbean

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    Violence in modern Colombia takes place in many forms. The three major categories are crime, guerrilla activities, and attacks committed by drug traffickers. Violence has become so widespread and common in Colombia that many people have now become numb to it. The Colombian economy has also benefited from the illicit drug trade; however violent it may be. During the 1970s, Colombia became well known, as one of the world’s most important drug processing, production, and distribution centers for marijuana

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    Colombia lies in the northern most part of South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea the Bogota is the capital of Colombia. Bordering between Panama and Venezuela and bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Ecuador and Panama. The size of Colombia is 1,138,910 square kilometers less than three times the size of the state of Montana. Mainland territory divided into four major geographic regions. Andean highlands are composed of three mountain ranges and overriding valleys and Caribbean lowlands;

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    Colombia has been immersed in much political and civil strife for most of the twentieth century, even with these unfortunate events, Colombia has upheld its democracy. Early twentieth century, territorial disputes with Peru led to a year long war between the two countries, which then ended through negotiations by political leaders of both countries. Later, Colombia experienced extreme political instability, a period known in Colombian history as “La Violencia;” almost twenty years of civil war, between

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    beautiful, but contains no fish. Colombia is home to this river called Canos Cristales or “the river of five colors” if you are a local. This is just one of the beautiful sights that you can visit. Colombia is the only country in all of South America that borders both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The Sierra de Santa Marta is another amazing site you can only find in Colombia. It is the tallest seaside mountain in the entire world! Many people only see Colombia as the place with mountains

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    Colombia As we return to Colombia in the 1930s the country is midway through its state of dismay as the modernization of the world trickles its way down. The economy became more self supportive due manufacturing and the implementation of machinery in agriculture, along with this came a more stable and powerful middle class that eventually was able dilute the domination of the conservative rule. Colombia was a democratic country at the time and as a result of the changes in wealth distribution the

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    Colombia is a beautiful country located on the top of South America, connecting the rest of the Latin Americas. It has a rich history along with a dark one. With its constantly changing climates and one of kind culture mixed in with influences from European countries and its war on drugs its seen today as perplexed growing country. Colombia is made up by five main regions. The Andes Mountains, the Pacific Ocean Coastal region, the Caribbean Sea Coastal region, the Llanos plains and the Amazon Rainforest