The Importance Of Sports In Sixth Grade

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One Team One Dream
Many schools don’t support the need of sports in sixth grade which has some negative and positive factors to it. Sports affect many students in a positive way like me; it brings joy to our faces. Today, sixth graders have engaged in sports in non-school, but community sports because students aren’t allowed to get involved in school functioned sports. Fort Bend ISD has banned sixth graders to be involved in any such sport because how “young” they are. I consider FBISD should allow sixth graders having sports.Quite a few students enjoy being part of a team, learning, being physically active. While it is the view of those sports may distract students from academics allowing them to participate in school functions sports will benefit to get better grades, build character, and create anthecentive for exercise.
There are some negative factors which lead to a debate. Including, are some negatives aspects about sixth graders having sports because they are newbie to middle school and they may need to adapt to the new environment around them, but shouldn’t they be prepared for the upcoming years? Likewise, because they are new people in a new school it may distract them in class to only think about the sport, but it may not. Another reason, the enjoyment of a sport can lead to the increase of stress, anxiety, and lost amusement of the activity. The long hours of the activity may cause injury to one due to the over practices and burnout. Including to that, due to the competitive sport the player can strain a muscle, ligament, or even possibly aches in body parts. There are a few negative factors, but sports are important to many students, like me, and want to play for their own enjoyment and there are positive outcome ou...

... middle of paper ... due to the districts rules.
Covering all, we should revise the rules of Fort Bend ISD and change it. Having a sport in a school is a privilegeto one because some don’t due to the lack of money.It’s important for many students: it can help students in future possibilities such as athletics and their character. Knowing sports can change a person physically and mentally by making them smart, respectful, and healthier. Being in an after school activity is rewarding experience to all the students who are going to dedicated and focused on school and in the activity. Finally, student will be rewarded after school after the hard work throughout the day. Sports can influence students in many ways like character, making better graders, and lack of obesity. Fort Bend ISD should allow sixth graders to participate in physical activates: sixth graders would be satisfied.
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