The Importance Of Speaking English

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“En mi casa se habla espanol (In this house we speak Spanish)”, my mother yelled out.
In my house the primary language we spoke is Spanish, while English is our second language. Growing up my mother did not like for us to be speaking English in our house (my brothers and I spoke English anyways). That was the only place we all spoke Spanish; till this day we only speak Spanish in my parents’ house. My mom and dad speak limited English, which means they speak English, but not that well. I could understand everything they said, but to others it was hard to comprehend them. The fact that we could only speak Spanish in my home affected me in English class. Even though I spoke English well, some might even say I spoke it fluently, I still struggled in understanding the language especially where writing was concerned. One of my major disadvantages was writing
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Even though
I did not make an “A” in my English paper, I made a “B” which was fine. I felt so much better knowing I was getting better. We had so much more essays in that class and as the days went by I kept improving, even my teacher noticed that I improved and congratulated me. Couple of weeks passed by and Mrs. Rubio stopped tutoring me. I improved and did not need her as much anymore. Both my mom and I congratulated her and thanked her for everything she did for me because of her, I was much better at writing. I always have Mrs. Rubios strategies in my mind when I write any type of essay for any class. I consider myself an average writer. I am not perfect but I am certainly not bad at it. I never liked to read books you |in fact I am not the type of person who will read a book just for fun.| I prefer to be outside, go shopping, or just be on my phone. Recently I started reading books and is also writing in my spare time. I know I am not a great writer but with practice and determination I know someday I will be a good

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