Importance Of English As A Medium Of Instruction

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English as a Medium of Instruction in Non-English Speaking Countries Nowadays, English is the global and technology language. English play an important role in the world and it works like a passport because it became the language of technology and the language of internationals. As result, most of the people developed their global businesses through English language. In all over the world there are many opportunities that changes people life to make it better and its English language. There are many non- English speaking countries that use English as a second language and they teach subjects like science and mathematics and etc in their schools. Also they use English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) to provide more opportunity for their development.…show more content…
In their opinion in countries that English is not their native language it has negative impact on culture and mother tongue. However, there are many reasons that demonstrated that use of English as a medium of instruction have positive impact on everyone’s life. As a study clearly says that student has the ability and skills to learn many languages (Begg, 2012). He adds that teaching a language in schools as a first or second language qualitatively vary because if all higher-study materials are in English so students needs to be proficient in that language and that transition is smooth from school to college or college to university. In addition he clearly mentioned that” Junking English as a medium of education will only push us back”. For instance, there are many people he studied in English that now became successful in their life, Indira Gandhi, Jyoti Basu, Ratan Tata, Sunil Gavaskar, Amitabh Bachchan and a million of people who are leaders and successful (Begg, 2012). Therefore, all of these researches widely declare that English as a medium of instruction has benefits to improve educational system of and to develop a country that English is not their native
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