The Importance Of Self-Awareness

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Self-awareness is the ability to perceive circumstances that are generated in our mind according to how each of us can come to understand different situations and the circumstances that surround them. Being an internal activity, and different for each individual, self-awareness can be presented in many different ways for each of us, bearing in mind that each one of us is responsible for creating ideals and reproducing them based on their personal acts and perceptions. Starting from this idea, it can be said that self-awareness is punctually the knowledge that each one of us has of oneself as an individual, the understanding of the different moods that can alter us, the acts that lead to these and therefore how our personality is affected by these. The proper understanding of self-awareness is not only essential to comprehend how the environment can harm or favor me, in this way I can analyze and understand what is positive and not for my growth as a person and for a continuous self-development. We could say that the correct perception of this mental function is directly related to the basic instinct of survival, which for the human being is rationalized giving it a greater capacity for self-control and creativity in pre-conscious intelligence (Blakemore, S. J., & Frith, C. 2003). Next, we will analyze how self-awareness and Continuous self-development are not only part of our essence as humans, but how they should be taken into account for academic, professional
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