The Importance Of Questioning Questions In Class

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Throughout my time as being a college student so far, asking questions in class has proven to be one critical step into being a good college student. Asking questions in college is something many student take for granted and they don't realize the importance of it until it's too late. I can admit i don't ask a lot of questions in class for various reason and from my personal experience i have notice what it can result to because it ends up showing in my scores within that class. In this essay i will disguise the difference between a higher-level questions and a lower-level questions.I will also explore why some college student fail to ask questions in class and why they refuse to go to their professor’s office hours when they need help and…show more content…
During my 2nd semester as a freshman, i took the course gender women's studies 100 that i found to be a very intriguing and interesting class that i thoroughly enjoyed. But in the whole semester, i only spoke or asked a couple of questions because i really felt intimidated by the rest of the students. The class was full of different students that varied of what year they are in from freshman to seniors and throughout the semester most of the students asking questions were upperclassmen. From the beginning i noticed this and i found the questions they were asking were very well throughout and intriguing questions that i felt i couldn't simply feel to meet up to their standards. Most of the freshman like myself kept quiet to ourselves and since their was other EOP bridge students in the class, it helped me get through the class. I really liked my professor but i felt intimidated to go her office hours because second guessed my questions as not important enough to bring to her attention and i felt i would essentially be wasting her time. I overall did really good in the class and received a A- in this difficult class but i know if i was more outspoken and participated more i would of gotten a solid
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