The Importance Of Propaganda

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“Propaganda is a truly terrible weapon in the hands of an expert.” A master of illusion, Adolf Hitler knew how to use propaganda to “educate” the masses. Hitler knew the importance of propaganda and the effects it could have on a population. Propaganda was essential to his idea of a perfect state that he devoted two chapters in Mein Kampf to the subject. “As well as being a very charismatic leader in his own right, Hitler knew that propaganda was the best way to sway the masses to support his views, and was cunning in his dissemination of propaganda.” Hitler and Nazi top officials used propaganda as the chief method that projected the ideology. Hitler’s chief architect (Albert Speer) told the Nuremberg Tribunal that what distinguished the…show more content…
All aspects of German culture were scrutinized and filtered by the ministry. These included films, theater, music, press, radio broadcasts, public gatherings etc. Hitler gave Goebbels increased amounts of freedom thus Goebbels put it into good use by adopting the use of modern technologies and programs to indoctrinate the Nazi ideology into the Germans and influence their behavior. The core principles of Nazism were incorporated into almost every communication outlet produced in the Third Reich. Propaganda was the cornerstone on which Nazis could effectively influence German’s opinions and change the way they think. They did this through various channels of communication which were mass meetings, films, the press, and…show more content…
Control over the press was tight and disseminated in very specific ways. Early on, the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda took control of the press media in order to control the release of news to the public. The Nazis used the Newspapers in Germany such as Der Stürmer and Völkischer Beobachter, to spread anti-Semitic messages depicting the Jews as barbaric and subhuman. The editor and publisher of Der Stürmer used people’s fears by restoring the medieval allegations which claimed that Jews murdered Christian children and used their blood for religious rituals. They printed ugly caricatures and cartoons that was meant to depict a Jew. “Anti-Semitic propaganda became so omnipresent that in terms of everyday journalism few news items or articles could be published without such a slant.” Goebbels would choose what news to print and which ones to censor, the way to write the news and headline it. In addition all international news had to come directly from the German Press Agency. Because the Nazis controlled the press they had the advantage of determining what society heard and that’s how they were able to effectively carry out the deportation and extermination of the Jews with many Germans unaware of what was going on initially. The ministry of Propaganda concealed all information that mentioned the persecution of the Jews which would have made them vulnerable to

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