The Importance Of Parliamentary Sovereignty In The British Constitution

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Parliament Sovereignty in the United Kingdom When talking of unwritten constitution the first country which comes to the mind is the UK. It can be said to be the most important and widely reputed country for not having a written constitution considering it is a very large country with a large population. It is also regarded as the most fundamental element of the British constitution. A.V Dicey described it as the “dominant characteristic of our (British) political institutions, the very cornerstone of the law of the constitution.’( parliament is supreme in that country and when talking of UK and its Parliament mention has to be made obligatory of the Queen,…show more content…
In the Mauritian Constitution, there is a specific provision, section 45, to the effect that –“Subject to this Constitution, Parliament may make laws for the peace, order and good government of Mauritius.”( From this point of view, it is arguable that the Mauritian Parliament is sovereign in the limitless sense in which the British Parliament is. However it is not to be applied strictly since as Wade puts it: “Even under the British system of undiluted sovereignty, the last word on any question of law rests with the…show more content…
New Zealand has a quite complex political system considering it having a queen and a parliament inter related. The Queen of New Zealand and the New Zealand House of Representatives which latter came to be known as the New Zealand Legislative Council make the parliament of the State. The country has as acting head a king or queen in this case it is Queen Elizabeth II with a parliament democracy. The Parliament of New Zealand is actually called the General Assembly and it was created by the British New Zealand Constitution Act 1852 creating a bicameral legislature. This elected parliament is very important because though New Zealand has a queen it is the parliament which has the power to legislate or pass laws. The queen is represented by the Governor General whom she appoints on the advice of the Prime Minister. The legislative power of New Zealand resides in the parliament which is made up of the Queen and the upper house and legislative council but was abolished in 1950. Parliament supremacy over the queen and other government institutional was established when in England the bills of right was passed in 1689 and was ratified as law in in New Zealand. The executive power is exercised by the cabinet led by the prime minister. New Zealand has an interesting political system
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