The Importance Of Online Learning

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Online learning refers to assisted learning through the Internet. It is termed as an approach to teaching and learning whereby Internet technologies are utilized to collaborate and communicate in an educational context. It comprises of technologies that supplement the traditional training conducted in a classroom with web-based components and a learning environment whereby the education is experienced online (Salmon, Gilly 230). Online learning is increasingly becoming popular, as many students now prefer to take their courses online. A question many people ask is whether online learning is more effective compared to traditional classroom learning. The focus of this paper is whether online learning is effective.

Online learning is effective
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Online communication is effective as it makes it possible for the students to get an easy access to the students. There are some courses that are supplemented by things such as course info. In such courses, the students to dot have to worry when they are unable to access instructors at their offices since they can easily submit their inquiries through e-mail at their own convenient time. It is also beneficial to instructors as it provides them with the opportunity to respond to students at their own time as opposed to being limited to the office or desk. It is particularly helpful in situations where the student’s conflict with office hours or in situations where a question comes…show more content…
The assessment of students is crucial in education. Assessments are important, as they are a way of determining if the progress of a student is satisfactory. Online assessment tools provide an opportunity for instructors to build, distribute and compile information easily and quickly. Online learning provides an opportunity for effective utilization of time. There are some timesaving elements applicable to both students and lecturers in online learning tools such as Course Info. Students benefit because they can access course material at any place and time. They do not have to waste time walking across the campus, going to the library or the instructors’ office. Instructors benefit through minimizing the time they spend in the office and address concerns brought by students
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