Do you believe professors should enforce pedagogical intervention regarding students’ emails?

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Online Communication is an effective way to communicate with professionals. An email between students and their professors is acceptable, it should be in a formal way so that the communication between them should not erase social boundaries. Professors and researchers attribute that students does not maintain healthy distance, they email their professors all unacceptable messages about asking all the readily available information. Although many students oppose that and request for giving some structure or format. Professors should enforce pedagogical intervention regarding students’ emails and explaining them the appropriate information to be used while writing emails. A student writing an email to a professor and asking questions about the assignments given, and any clarification about the chapter explained in class is truly acceptable. Opponents of Email to professor claim that students email about notes that they missed classes or to provide information which is already available in school websites (Glater, 2006, para.1). Despite the fact that not all the students disturb the professors by unreasonable mail. However, professor has to encourage students that they are interested in the missed classes and they want know the chapters explained in the class. But instead of email to professor they can even ask their classmates for the notes. Research shows that proficiency has identified as low-leveled from the email messages of some students were Nonnative speakers of English from Asian background. Due to the lack of proficiency professors misunderstand the students, but if the professor discourage the students they also lack in their self-confidence. Professors claim that students in their mails use inappropriate abbreviatio... ... middle of paper ... ...ey think that the personal communication can more help the students. Rebuttal to argument 3 1. Some students feel that asking a professor about inquires, going and visiting his or her office means that they will assume themselves as a dumb ones. 2. Afraid students feel like taking the professors help through online by using email service available to professor and students. D. Own point of view 1. Email to a professor about clarification of topic provides better learning environment. a. No discussion on personal issues. b. A reply to a professor mail makes them feel that the student is following their point of view. Conclusion: In the final analysis, I believe it comes back to personality. I can name half a dozen young professors who are comfortable, even eager to extend their teaching mission through full communication will accept students mails.
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