The Importance Of My Academic Life

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The time that my academic life change forever was when I was in middle school that was when it all changed. When I was in elementary I was one of the students who never did very well in my classes. I was always loosing focus on what the teacher was teaching my attention spam was very short. Once second I could be paying attention to the teacher the next thing you know I am looking all over the room. Even a simple sound that wouldn’t catch the attention of other people would distract me. My four years in elementary where not the best for me for I could never concentrate in the material and get a good understanding of it, which in turned made it very hard for me when it came to test or thing similar to that, which in turn made one of my teacher’s…show more content…
Again my grades were like a roller coaster going up and down constantly. This had happened for two more years in which I was doing not so well thanks to my ability to not concentrate for more than two seconds. In the final two years of middle school that when it all changed from me not being able to concentrate and having grades that were like roller coasters, to being able to concentrate and have grade that would be stable for the semester. It all started back in elementary school, where my mom wanted me to take the test that would determine if I had a mental disorder or not but she kept getting denied by the school. Seven years later my mother finally got her wish from all the struggling she did in order to get help for me, she finally succeeded in making me take a test. The test was to determine if I had a mental disorder, which in turned out that yes in fact I did have a disorder. The disorder turned out to be ADHD which would explain why I couldn’t concentrate in any of my classes since ADHD was effecting me. It took my mother seven years in order to see if I had a disorder. They kept denying her for me to take any sort of test to see. She kept of trying over and over for seven long years until she had enough and told the school she would send this to the school district, if…show more content…
The grade wise it’s obvious once I was diagnosed and treated for my ADHD my grades began to see an improvement. No longer where my grades going up and down like a roller coaster now they are staying at a stable location, and subjected to being able to raise my grades higher. The other one comes from my mother in the way she showed on never to giving up even though people reject you, or if any other type of endeavor comes and seems as if it’s impossible to accomplish. Shown by my mother when she was rejected many times because the school though I had nothing wrong with me but she kept on going. Just because the school denied her she didn’t stop there, she kept on going until she finally was able to get what she wanted and get the test to help me. So if my mother never did this I would have never changed in these way academically in getting better grades and learning that I should never give up even if an endeavor seems
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