Reflective Essay On Transformation

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My belief in Transformation

The transformation of man has long since been a topic of much expanse. Today, the defining of transformation still lingers. Socialization forms the core to many transformations in a student’s life. Since John Lock posited the socialization of man in the Enlightenment period, transformation has become a direct effect often due to life altering experiences – the “liberation of the individual within a dominant, oppressive, technocratic society” (Module 4 Theory and Analysis). Paulo Freire says transformation is essential to relationship with others.

From readings and life experiences, I have become cognizant that transformation is both internal and external and often about positive outcomes, as noted by Gleason, …show more content…

As a teenager I was an avid reader and excelled academically until I was in the ninth grade when I conceded to peer pressure and took a turn for the worse. I became lackadaisical and nonchalant, and little by grades fell. When I took my mid-term examinations in the ninth grade my report card was so poor that my mother had to be called in to collect it and have a parent-teacher session to discuss …show more content…

I was just 14 years old but I was able to think long and hard on the path I was on and of which path I needed to be on. I vividly remember my mother telling me to “always stay on the crooked path and cut straight” (meaning to see your mistakes and gradually correct them) – and that I did. I became a new person devouring my lessons as if I was on my last breath. I was no longer ashamed of my academic performance as my GPA shot to 3.4 in my first midterms at my new school. I was finally on the right path, and as Mezirow said, “the learner has a path to follow to new ways of thinking…If this happens, the learner will identify that she or he has been transformed” (Module 4 Learning Concept- Emancipatory and Transformation

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