The Importance Of Lessons For Women In Ancient China

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Families were essential in ancient and medieval civilizations. They were the basis of most aspects in historic civilizations. They determined who controlled different aspects of these societies, appointing leaders and rulers to govern over them; much like the familial dynasties of ancient China. They also determined the social status of individuals. Families also let to the extension of lineages, passing down values and beliefs through generations; and they also produced offspring’s that can then serve the societies in which they are born to by advancing technology and serving in their armies. Families would also be created to be merge houses, clans, and other civilizations into one. Indubitably, families were important to these ancient and…show more content…
She was a wealthy Chinese woman that lived in China from 45 - 120 C.E. and whose family had connections to the imperial court in China. Do to her familial status she grew on the strict customs that were present in ancient china. Thus, she wrote Lessons for Women in order to instruct women how to behave in their households. Also, so that they may successfully carry out their womanly duties and learn how they should act when married. But, Lessons for Women also reflects many of the ideals that were based on women during this time period in China (and arguably still continued for many years). Such ideals were those of how a woman should act and be represented in the overall Chinese society. If a woman were to dishonor her household or stray from the cultural norms then she would not be allowed to pass on with their ancestors. This caused pressure since there were many beliefs that were associated women in this time period of China. These beliefs devalued many of the women in this society making them out to be “Unsophisticated, Unenlightened, and by nature Unintelligent” (Lessons for Women, 106). Thus, these belief made women inferior and allowed for males to be the dominant gender in this society. These beliefs also made sure that women did everything possible in order to appease their ancestors and subsequently be allowed in to
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