The Importance Of Happiness And Happiness

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In modern times, most people have heard that being happy is good for health. We hear this, but do we know why it is so? When striving to be truly healthy, a person must keep in mind that a happy attitude correlates to a healthy physique. Happy people feel healthier because they are more comfortable with themselves, making them more likely to help others through things like volunteering, and are overall less stressed, and exercise more. Once individuals sustain a constant feeling of happiness, they start to feel healthier. Some will also even say that happiness helps prevent serious diseases, but this has yet to become a proven fact (Veenhoven 4). To be happy and achieve the benefits requires effort, but it is far from impossible, and…show more content…
Happy people are more observant and better motivated to stay happy, even if unconsciously. On top of that, happy people are less probable to acquire severe or life-threatening habits such as heavy smoking or drinking (Veenhoven 2). Happy people are liable to develop habits that lead to continued happiness long term. Once someone is happy, he or she naturally want to stay that way, helping to promote these healthy and happy habits. People say money cannot buy happiness, but research shows otherwise. It also is shown that wealthier countries are happier than poor ones overall(Veenhoven 18). More prosperous countries have access to more food, activities, education, and life is all around…show more content…
In a study by Robert Stanton, Brenda Happell, and Peter Reaburn, it is shown that people who engage more in physical activity are more contented than those who do not. When working out, the body releases endorphins, a chemical that makes us feel happy, of course, there is a threshold for how much and how long they person has to work out before getting any benefit from it. Stanton, Happell, and Raeburn 's study showed that for moderate activity, people should work out for at least 150 minutes over a span of five days in a week. For more intense workouts, which are more efficient, they recommended three days a week for a total of seventy-five minutes. As well as happiness from this, people who exercised on a regular basis were shown to have less chance of getting chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, (Stanton 1-3). Thus, people who exercise, even the minimal amount, are more likely to live longer, as they are less prone to sickness, and they get all the benefits of happy
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