The Importance Of Food On Food

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A policy to improve our food supply
The greedy government gives us options and we choose from those very few options, we don’t get exactly what we want/need we only get as much as they feel like giving. We should be able to get better quality of food, and I agree with Berry that we as the people of the government consuming these goods should get more involved and start raising questions. Do you know what you really are buying, eating, drinking? That would be a definite no because food labeling is not always 100% true. The majority of affordable food most of the population buys is Genetically Modified Food, filled with hormones, and has gone through the process of cornification. The approach I would like to see is the government making major
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Lunch plans that are actually nutritious and well prepared would definitely make a difference for children. Not all school lunches taste the best so kids will resort to junk food. If lunches were truly nutritious and had real food I’m sure students would not be turning to junk food. If they can not get it at home, they should be able to get it at school. Schools should take an active role in students health because that is where students are most of the day. Exercise/P.E classes should be more engaging and health class should be a lot more informational when it comes to taking care of your health and eating habits. Students and parents should be aware of health statistics and should be informed on ways to eat healthier even outside of school. Schools use money to do a bunch of stuff they should use that money to hire a good cafeteria staff that can plan out a healthy meal that is not pre-cooked and reheated. Some kids rather starve now days instead of eating cafeteria food at school and that is not good. With kids spending most of their time in school anyways, they need a healthy and decent tasting lunch to keep them…show more content…
Get rid of policies that favor process food production. The government should make it easier for farmers to grow crops and not just commercial crops. Give crop growers a chance and support them so that they are a reliable supply of healthy foods and good crops. Stop putting money into processed food and fast food and instead turn around and put it into farming organic healthy crops, feeding cows, pigs and chickens the right things and not just corn. If these changes could occur a lot of people would have the chance to be healthier and we wouldn’t have so many health issues within our population. Health problems have increased more than ever, but the quality of food has downgraded and that should say something right there. We need our farmers markets and local/regional food systems to have the funds and support they need to help us so that we may have a better quality of
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