The Importance Of Feminism In The Middle East

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Magda Jugheli
Reflection #4
In the late twentieth century, in the post-war world, black civil rights, liberation movements and a social atmosphere of idealism encouraged women’s movements to be developed. Women no longer automatically associated with becoming wives and mothers and sacrifice their personal and career interests for the sake of their husbands. As Steven Seidman states the women’s movements were the political vehicle for women’s quest for justice and its ideology was Feminism.
In this essay I will discuss what are the main approaches to Feminist Theory and its critic, what is the main discourse towards Feminism in the Middle East region and what is the main concept regarding women question in the Middle East. I will
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Feminism in the Middle East is connected to post colonialism. I think the main reason is that both post colonialism and feminism in the Middle East were challenging the existing forms of oppression. However, while talking about women in the Middle East and post colonialism, it is important to mention that women were not just oppressed by colonizers, but also by inner patriarchy. So in terms of Kristen Petersen and Anna Rutherford, women in the Middle East were “double colonized”.
As I mentioned above, main discourse towards women in the Middle East is post colonialism and its main concept is symbolizing women as the presenters of the nation. As Mounira Charrad states in her “Gender in the Middle East: Islam, State, Agency” colonizers used colonized women as potent symbol of cultural separateness. Women, or in terms of Charrad “symbolic women” became the center stage in formulation of national identity. Just like the colonial powers against which they straggled, nationalists regularly evoked women as markers of difference between the colonizers and the colonized. In terms of Al-Ali “our culture is different from yours, often translates into our women are different from
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