The Implications Of Digital Media And Social Media

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In this millennium virtual world, Internet, digital media and social media have emerged as most popular media of communication. Its reach, freedom to communicate and interact without barriers of geography, religion. caste, community and language made it most used media for interaction among people and masses. World is witnessing that social media has revolutionized the communication and brought the interactivity to a new level. The focus of web technologies towards social interactions, community building and networking is influencing all aspects of life and society. (1) The global organisations like world bank, UN women development, UNICEF believe that new information technologies, social media have exceptional capacity to mobilize the public attention and public accountability. The possibilities are endless, through tweets, Instagram pictures, Facebook pages and…show more content…
These social movements have basic features, they are conflictual and have clearly identified (ideological) opponents, they are structured through dense informal networks and they are geared towards developing sustaining and sharing collective identities (Della Porta and Diani,2006). Case study of ‘ERAP’ a mobile movement against President Joseph which led to his resignation in 2001.Mobile phone and SMS mobilized the agitation from person to person. Social media can make easier to organise a protest or asking for supporting an issue by lowering the barriers of coordination. To know the level of support or oppose, need less resources, speed of sharing the information is quite fast, so many people known, and unknowns bet awareness of an event through tweets, FB pages or chat portals, but these are quick. (Edmond C 2013)

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