Feminism In The 21st Century Essay

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Identified as one of the greatest resistance movements of the 20th century (Ortner 2013, p.530), feminism has made significant gains for women on a global scale. Feminist activism has been successful in achieving its many goals for women (Ortner 2013, p.530), particularly contesting gender equality and the oppression and subordination of women worldwide, improving opportunities for participation in education, workforce, political and economic environments (Bruns & Kaschak 2011, p.1). However, despite the gains of the women’s liberation movement in the 20th century, feminism today is widely perceived as being in crisis, with postmodern ideas challenging its core assumptions and an increase in apathy and defensiveness towards the feminist liberal…show more content…
967). After discussing feminism, its history and achievements, and the growth of post-feminism, this essay will argue that feminism remains relevant in the 21st century. In identifying that there is yet to be a universal construct of feminism, which supports the needs and experiences of all women globally, and that different forms of gender inequality still exists in countries worldwide, this essay will prove the continuing relevance of feminism in the 21st century, as an ever evolving aspect essential in contemporary…show more content…
Many women still lack basic rights, protection and experience misogyny and subjugation (Winston et al. 2012, p.268). Global economic forces, ethnic and religious conflicts in previous years have greatly contributed to recognising that gender inequality remains significant in this millennium (Bryson 2003, p.243). Irrespective of post-feminisms claims of achieved equality and sexism consigned to the past (Gill 2014, p.522), western women remain unrepresented and subject to gender stigmas, inequalities and violence. Contemporary views are creating victims of women, with individualisation depoliticising that women still suffer gender inequality (Dosekun 2015, p. 960). A predominant feature of post-feminism is the hyper-sexuality of young women, which contributes to the continuing relevance of feminism because of the persistent exposure to sexual assault and rape women are suffering. This introduces the fourth wave of feminism, incorporating the internet as a form of activism, protesting sexual assault, profiling and ‘slut-shaming’ (Reger 2014,
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