The Importance Of Education: Why Education Is Important In Society Today

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Education is the foundation that the world is built on today and without education the world wouldn’t be nowhere near where it is right now. As time goes on the foundation get bigger and even more advanced. As the development of writing started in about 3500 B.C. according to, education has grown ever since. Education has come a long way since the development of hieroglyphics and writing on papyrus to make scripts. The United States prides itself on education and it is a really big subject in our nation. Everything that we have and all these items that we have today is because of education. In this essay I am examining the word education by defining it, discussing why it is so important for the world, and tell about how people…show more content…
Education is knowledge and knowledge is power, so the more knowledge that the world has the better. It is important for an individual because if we did not have knowledge then we would not have the societies that we have today. If we did not have the knowledge that we do, we would probably be years behind and we wouldn’t have the electronics or the cars that we have today. If a person does not have an education in today’s society then they probably will not be able to get a job. Without a job a person’s family starts to struggle and they cannot maintain a stable living situation. On the other hand the more education you have, the more money you will earn. A doctor attends college for about 8-10 years but when they start to make money their check will be more than a McDonald’s employee. That is because their level of education is higher than that employee and their job is really more significant. So a person with a higher education, who is making a great deal of money, would be able to have a good family environment and their family would be stable. They wouldn’t have to struggle to provide food and shelter. Most of the time if you have an education you are going to live better. Education is important for a community because education simplifies living and it helps communities stay up to date on events going on around the world. Having the internet and cable make it so that we don’t have to wait days for mail and we know everything that’s happening when it happens. All the appliances that we have in our houses is a product of education because people had to create them and other people had to learn how to make them. The cars that we drive is also a product of education. All the objects that help us do the things that we do are products of education. As a country, education is knowing about all things that happen in our country and

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