Toni Cade Bambara's The Lesson

What does having an education means to you? Did you know that recently The United States Children Fund (UNICEF) portal has stated that education transforms peoples’ lives and bust the cycle of poverty? Also have you ever thought about how the human kind desires a decent life with great privileges, such as education and no one argues about that?
Some short stories are designed to teach lessons to the people who read them. They teach lessons about life, love, and growing up. People can learn lessons by reading short stories where the main characters discover something about life and about themselves. Also, the Characters and the way they use actions, words, or thoughts carry throughout the story can relate to many realistic personas as in Toni Cade Bambara 's short story “The Lesson.” Bambara’s narrative diversifies any reading list with some authors, who are not so familiar, where she presents a lesson to be learned with the story of young children growing up in
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Miss Moore climbed up against the odds in a time where it was almost unheard of for a black woman to go to college. She was a role model for the children who encourages them to get more out of life. This made Miss Moore an exceptional spectacle as most children would likely, “. . . go to the pool or to the show where is cool” (Bambara), however Sylvia and sugar were being forced to meet with Miss More by their parents. From the parent’s point of view, “. . . it was only right that she should take responsibility for the young ones’ education” (Bambara). The parents themselves realize this was very important for their children, but they did not necessarily take their own advice and at times failed to meet some of their own obligations for the children.—Parents who lived in poverty stricken neighborhoods were not always the best role models they could be for their children to discourage
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