The Importance Of Dental Erosion

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Dental erosion is the loss or destruction of tooth enamel, which is the hard, outer coating of the tooth that protects the delicate dentin beneath (Oral Health Foundation, 2017). The enamel can be destroyed if it is exposed to acidic material constantly. Basically, what happens is that the acidic substance breaks down the tooth enamel and if it is not treated, the tooth can erode into the dentin (Kemp & Borovac Dentistry, 2017). When there is no enamel left, the dentin is revealed, which can cause sensitivity and pain (Oral Health Foundation, 2017). To add, when the tooth enamel and dentin are worn out, the human body can not produce more to replace it. Dental erosion can happen at all ages, it can happen to children, teenagers, adults, and elders, so it is important to try to avoid it (Callison, 2017).…show more content…
A person can also prevent dental erosion by avoiding acidic beverages and fruits and sugary foods because they are the most harmful to tooth enamel. When these beverages, fruits, and foods stick to a tooth and interface with bacteria in the mouth, lactic acid is made, which may destroy the enamel on the tooth. If somebody does eat or drink any of these substances, one should brush the tooth rigorously after. In addition, someone can prevent erosion by avoiding hard foods because they may chip or crack the enamel, but if someone does consume these foods, one should not bite it, one should suck on it (Callison, 2017). Furthermore, some symptoms of dental erosion, which are obvious, are that one’s teeth turn yellow due to the dentin being revealed, teeth become troubled and ugly because of erosion, gaps in the middle of teeth become larger, and severe pain begins (Web MD,
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