Importance Of Dance In The Dance Club

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This year was my 13th participation in the Solo Showcase Dance in the Grand Dance Party (GDP) of our Dance Club. As always, I challenged myself to a new performance. I was very lucky to invite Cindy, the best dancer in our club, to be my partner and it was the first time we danced together. We selected the dance, “Taiwan 3-Step”, a different kind of dance similar to Jitterbug for our performance. First, we had to compose the routine and the choreography. I went through many “Taiwan 3-Step” showcase dance videos and selected a few sections and added some of our own movements to compose of our routine and it would take many practices to finalize it. GDP was on Saturday, November 12, we started to practice the dance at the end of August and from…show more content…
At Chang’s house, the floor space was too tight for our dance and we did not do it well. At the end, we received quite a few negative comments. Such as, the music and the dance were not right with each other, the dance was lack of bouncing, I was not in the right move. We listened to their comments, but there were less than five days left and it would be very difficult to make any changes. After coming home, I suddenly lost confidence. “Perhaps, I should withdraw the performance,” I murmured to…show more content…
Joyce has always been supportive for my interests in dancing. Now, I must work hard to gain confidence, to practice more. We had scheduled two more practices focusing on adding more bounces, our tacit agreement, straight postures and smiling faces as well as being concise at every movement. I did also receive many encouraging emails from our club members after the Misty Party. “Go with your heart! Don't mind the others.” “Have confidence that you will do great.” “We know you are tough and never a quitter. We all try to make both you shine. Cindy is a wonderful dance partner for you. Cherish it and most importantly, enjoy the dance. “ “At your age, you still try to perform a showcase dance, you definitely are one of the rare species animals. Your smiling faces and the eye connection between you and your partners were great and you have made your partner shine. We want to make you shine too. I was very happy to see so many friends care about

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