The Importance Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is refers to the enterprise to create profits, bear legal responsibility to shareholders, while also taking into account the impact on the result of the various stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility is an important way towards sustainable development, it is consistent with the reasonable expectations of the business community as a whole, not only will not divert energy companies, but also improve the competitiveness of enterprises and reputation. As a supplier of energy to approximately 5% of Americans and more than 40% of Californians, PG&E is the investor-owned utilities company, which provide natural gas and electricity and focus on Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Fossil fuels and Solar power. (PG&E, 2014) PG&E has a long-term strategy in environmental sustainability to addressing the climate change issue. Their economic vitality sustainability programmes focus on bringing economic benefits to the communities as part of corporate social responsibility. Like the PG&E company channelled $2.5 million to economic development charitable commitment in 2013.( PG&E, 2013)

Economic benefit and social impact
PG&E Company seeks to exceed the current standard of environmental protection. They decided to improve the standard of management system, which can help them to innovate some environmental protection programs. Moreover, PG&E train all the employees on sense of environmental protection. Facing with long-term sustainability environmental strategy, lots of investor will be willing to invest some new clean power that can both protect environment and raise the profit. Therefore, PG&E improve efficiency at the power like solar, bio energy and hydro energy. The ripple effect, which PG&...

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...successfully achieved CSR in many ways. In order to meet a satisfactory CO2 output, such utility enterprise needed to create a strategy that can adapt different situation in climate change, PG&E is a responsible enterprise that obeying CSR development as well as any social impact while making profit. Win-win strategy is a really good example for pre planning the company strategy to face up coming challenge and also gives you a overview about the performance of the company itself. In the Win-win strategy, PG&E seek to find out some ways to create some renewable and clean energy like Hydro energy and solar power. This will be a huge step for PG&E to become more environmental friendly. In this action, investor, researcher, customer and environmentalist, all of them think that PG&E performing well. The position of PG&E in FT Global 500 will be rising in the future.
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