The Importance Of College Education

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Everyone grows up looking forward to one thing; the future. Some choose a family, a business, the military, or even a stay at home job, but a big candidate in many situations is college. With well over four thousand colleges to choose from, it can be difficult to find one that best suits a specific individual. In high schools, we are teaching our students how to apply to college, and how to find colleges that best suit one’s preference in major or even distance. Although it is easy to argue that college is not for everyone, I believe a college education is beneficial to the public good, preparation of life, and lastly, financial stability. As fast as new generations are beginning, the old generations are ending. Consider a life where doctors do not exist, or rather, a life where doctors obtain only a…show more content…
Whether its years, days, or even hours away the future is the center to the mindset of common people. Looking at the future for many, coincides with the job or position one wishes to achieve or obtain. In “Colleges Prepare People for Life”, Freeman Hrabowski shares, “College students are much more likely to be employed than those with only a high school diploma and earn substantially higher salaries.”(). What better way to look at the future with success rather than self disappointment? With an education higher than that of high school, one is making their life proportional to their education, and at the same time, preparing for life’s may encounters. Farther into Hrabowski’s writing he states, “A job may be the stating point for the good life, but it shouldn’t be the end point.”(). Obtaining a job with knowledge few others have, is exciting, but it shouldn’t stop the willingness to strive. A college degree is a stepping stone in life, not the entire pathway. Life itself is a beautiful thing, but without the preparation, such as an education, it is capable of going in another
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