The Importance Of Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering has been a part of mankind since the beginning of time. The structures of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Babylonians still amaze people today. Wonders like the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Pantheon are proof that humans have the ability to construct great things. Civil Engineers design bridges to help cars get across large bodies of water and tall buildings to house hundreds of workers for a company. Most people would be surprised to learn that many of the simple things they use everyday like the sink to wash their hands and the power they use to turn on the lights has been built by civil engineers. Civil Engineers take the natural world around them and use it to their advantage to make structures that people…show more content…
On an average day, a person could be driving down the road and see a civil engineer and his or her team of workers on the side of the road working on a project. Almost everything that helps people get through their daily lives and get to work is built by civil engineers. Civil engineers build mass transit systems, design power and water systems, build the infrastructure to our national parks and buildings, and maintain the roads people travel on. They also analyze data from maps and survey reports, maintain a budget, inspect structures to make sure they meet all standards and regulations, test soil samples to make sure foundations are strong enough, give reports on costs and risks to those that are higher up in their business or organization, us software to design and plan their structures, and inform the public of any information they come across about environmental…show more content…
Going further and obtaining a master’s degree in engineering' class='brand-secondary'>civil engineering and a PE(professional engineer) license from an ABET accredited program is common to acquire manager positions in certain businesses, take direct control of projects, and to be able to sell their services publicly. Most of the courses that civil engineers go through have to do with math, science, physics, statistics, mechanics, and systems. Civil engineers need certain skills to be able to do their job efficiently and correctly. They need decision-making because they need to make choices on safety and financial costs, when working on a project. Leadership skills are needed because they take full responsibility of projects and are in control of supervisors, managers, technicians, and others. Math skills come in handy because civil engineers use them to troubleshoot problems and design plans for projects using trigonometry and calculus. Organization skills are key because they need to be able to monitor progress at the job site and make sure everything is going according to plans. Problem-solving skills are essential because civil engineers work on highly complex projects that have many different variables which will naturally cause complications along the way. Civil engineers will also need writing skills because they will have to give project reports, communicate with their team members, and communicate

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