Role Of Engineers In Society

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Engineering profession is important to modern society. Engineers draw the concept of

development in their everyday work. They rely on scientific theory, data and personal

creativity to expound the challenges. Engineers need to adopt their role as providers for

society and use ‘soft skills’ to facilitate useful engagement with recipients and other

stakeholders (Cruickshank & Fenner, 2007). Actually, Engineers are practical people

and are qualified for creation and transformation. Professional engineers have a

sound understanding of principles that support both the natural and technical world

they already have many skills necessary to address sustainable issues (Parkin, 2009).There is

a strong controversy about the manmade climate crisis. The role of the engineers is to find the solutions to decrease pollutions. Haphazard development has damaged the environment and its engineer’s responsibility to do no harm to environment and control the current global challenges. The use of alternative sources of energy which allow the power without imitation of carbon dioxide can help t...

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