The Importance Of Business Writing

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Business writing is a form of writing predominantly used in situations such as resumes, memos, and anything related to a company or corporation. Whether it be applying for a job or writing a business report, most of the time, people are introduced to your writing before anything else. The characteristics important to business writing are much different than other types of writing. Proper business writing skills are becoming more important in business because of the increase in employee communication. My first impression of business writing is that it always has a purpose. There is no business writing technique for writing a cordial letter or email. Business writing sets a purpose, and then completes that purpose by the end of the letter. When proper business writing is utilized, it can help to avoid confusion and keep business operations running smoothly.

At my current job I have had many experiences with problems caused by a complete lack of communication. I work as a cashier for The Home Depot and a customer decided to order $3000 worth of flooring products. The policy is for a specialist to place the order, the customer then pays for the order, the associates load up the products onto a cart, and finally the products are either delivered to the person at a location of their choosing or
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Mary Ellen begins by stressing the importance of communication skills in today’s business environment. Mary Ellen wrote “The most successful players in the new world of work will be those with highly developed communication skills.” The most important aspect of all business writing is professionalism. Showing professionalism allows employees to be taken seriously and makes them more eligible for promotions. This shows the importance that business writing plays in all aspects of work, no matter what
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