The Importance Of ASPCA

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In today’s society there are many pets that are out there looking for a place to eat and a roof that is over their head. There are many people who could be that one person to give that pet what it needs. ASPCA is a place where they shelter many animals that are in need of a place to stay. Most of the animals that stay are there because of people who cannot look after their pets. The animals are left on the street left to defend themselves or when a pet has a litter and the owner does not have the money to afford the animals. The Madison area needs its own ASPCA due to the increase of the pet population and to offer adoption services.
ASPCA was founded by Henry Burgh in April of 1866. Henry Burgh was born on August 13, 1813. Back in the
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Animal shelters need people that are great with pets or people that just like working for animals on their free time. Help and volunteer at a animal shelter it can make a pet feel good and you are also helping the community- ("Ten Ways to Help"). In today’s society people need to get active and work with something. It doesn’t have to be an animal shelter but as long as you are helping the community out one way or another. If you adopt a pet form a local animal shelter go back and say thank you and show pics of your pet and tell how they are doing and let them know they you are real supportive at what they do for their…show more content…
The owner needs to have a type of microchip in the animal so it won 't be the 2% or 15% of finding your pet. The benefits of having a chip in your pet is that it works 24/7 and it is a life lasting product. Your cat or dog’s microchip implant gives your pet the best chance of returning home to you if lost. However, a microchip must be registered along with your current contact information in order to identify you as your pet’s parent and contact you. Remember as long as there are pets, even those belonging to the most responsible parents, they will go missing- (Bonus Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet). Microchipping your animal is a great tool to have in retrieving your lost family member, as well. A microchip provides information about the owner, their address, best contact information, along with identification of the pet; such as name, breed, and if they have been altered. When your pet is lost and has a microchip as identification their chances of being reunited are much greater once they arrive at a veterinary hospital or animal shelter- ("Building From The
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