The Solution to Overpopulation in Animal Shelters is Promotion

Allowing children to find the importance of adopting from animal shelters gives pets a chance for animals without a place to call home and hope for a second chance at happiness. With the promotion of animal adoption with children through various activities such as reading and providing information about adopting, the overpopulation in local animal shelters should decrease.
Overpopulation is defined as when there is an excess amount of animals (typically cats and dogs) that are in need of a responsible home while the availability is limited. “About 30% of cats and dogs that enter animal shelters were surrendered by their owners and approximately 43% were brought to animal shelters by animal authorities” (McNeil, 2006). Another study had found that “approximately 26% of dogs were adopted, 16% were reclaimed by guardians, 55% were euthanized, and the remainder had unknown or other dispositions” (Frank & Carlisle-Frank, 2006). The low amount of adoptions contrasting to the large amount of dogs euthanized shows the importance of promoting animal adoption in order to save countless innocent lives.
In contrast, people like Dr. Lila Miller, vice-president of veterinary outreach and veterinary adviser for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals believe that although euthanasia of animals is "Right or wrong, fair or unfair, it's a realistic assessment of people's resources"(Whitcomb, 2010).
Meaning that, although negative, euthanasia is necessary in order to reduce the amount of overpopulation in animal shelters. Considering that 90% of animals that enter animal shelters are healthy and adoptable (Frank & Carlisle-Frank, 2003), there is no purpose for euthanizing innocent animals when there could be ways to promote th...

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