The Life and Work of Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15th, 1452 in Vinci, Italy (which is just outside of Florence). Da Vinci was an illegitimate son of a twenty-five year old notary, Ser Piero, and a peasant girl, Caterina. Leonardo’s father took custody of him a short time after birth. His mother, however, married someone else and moved. They kept having children, but not with each other. Sooner or later, Leonardo da Vinci had seventeen half brothers and sisters. While Leonardo was growing up in his father’s home in Italy, he had access to knowledge databases such as books and scripture. Also, Leonardo was exposed to Italy’s rich, vibrant painting community. At the age of fifteen, Leonardo’s father apprenticed him to the workshop of Andrea Del Verrochio in Florence. As an apprentice, Leonardo displayed excellent talent for the subject of art. One of Leonardo’s first big paintings was an angel in Verrochio’s “Baptism of Christ,” which ended up better than his master’s. In 1477, Leonardo set up his own shop. In search of new work, he was intrigued with the Duke of Milan. So, Leo set out to abide to t...
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