The Impact Of Globalization In The Food Industry

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Throughout time man has depended on much in order to survive. These needs evolve over time, but there are a select few that have not changed. It is because they are key to survival. Food is essential to human survival. It is vital to sustaining life, and we as humans have taken something that transformed it into a multi-billion-dollar industry that over time has been corrupted by the very people that it was trying to help. These companies may have begun as a small startup ventures where their intentions were to nobly serve the people of the world. Eventually they transformed into an entity that is nothing but money hungry multinational corporations whose goals are nothing short of what will give them the largest profit. These people that…show more content…
What makes it worse is that they are adding to the destruction of the planet we are living on and soon there will not be enough to go around, and even more will suffer. These companies did not become as strong as they are now overnight; they gained this power through the years by deviously utilizing their great wealth to disguise their problems for as long as possible in order to grow larger than before. Their financial growth enabled them to get away with their lawsuits by simply settling in such a manner that is comparable to an average person paying tolls as they go down the shore. In the articles, the author’s main goal is to illuminate the ideas concerning globalization in the food industry, and demonstrate how each culture has an impact on food which could in turn influence the world, and to show how much control a particular set of corporations have over the citizens of the United States in more ways than one. One of the articles that really took to me was that of the one written by Lind and…show more content…
Food is eaten in a fashion that involves identity and a need for a connection from the person who is cooking or preparing the food to the person who is eating the food. This article is a great article that is able to draw a distinct connection between food and culture For example, the tortilla has a great cultural significance to the Mexican people, and through the development the tortilla the worlds view on the culture had transformed. It has transformed in many ways, from what would culturally be put on a tortilla, to the flavor of the tortilla, to the ingredient breakdown of the tortilla for example from being a wheat based formula to a corn based one (Lind and Braham. 2004). However, the author is viewing this in a negative fashion as to say that the culture of the Mexican people is being lost as the tortilla globalizes and this is not the case necessarily. I believe that how one particular cultures view on food can in fact inspire a worldwide change in the ways in which other cultures and people consume, prepare, and look at their foods. The author continuously suggests that through globalization all cultures, not just the Mexican culture, are losing the connection to their foods when in retrospect, it is the tendency of everything to evolve. The author uses the idea that food is a commodity; where commodity is defined, in
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